Focus is a necessary requirement for organizational success. But focus is hard to achieve when goals are hazy and there are no clear indicators of achievement. Leaders create a culture where people can focus on their work and focus on success when they provide structure and strategy. My goal is to help organizations succeed by assisting leaders, board members, work groups and others to articulate their strategy and align their structure so that they can then create an organizational culture and move towards success.

What does this look like when I help you put this into practice?

I meet with your core leadership and listen while you discuss the problems you want to address and the goals you hope to achieve. I create a survey document using several analysis tools and distribute it to the participants before the workshop so that we save time during the workshop and engage participants before the meeting begins. The meeting day is structured to bring out disparate voices and allow participants to engage in building a work plan or a strategic plan. We work to come to agreement on evaluation tools and measurements. And we end the day with a clear vision of the strategy ahead.

I will then prepare a simple strategic plan or work plan for your organization including evaluation criteria and review it with the core leadership.

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